How to start a Blog Step by Step

Blogging is one of the best ways to learn Digital Marketing. It’s not about writing an article but also to promote it through the Internet so that people could read your article. It’s like cooking a delicious item for your friends or family and get some appreciation from them. You won’t get that much of satisfaction if there is no one to taste your food.

Nowadays Blogging is not just a hobby. One can take it as his full-time Job. One can make some serious amount of money with his Blog but again there is no alternative to hard work. You have to dedicate a maximum time to your Blog.

In today’s article, I would like to share my experience how I set up my Blog from scratch. I was completely new in this field but I finally started my blogging journey. There is a myth that it requires technical knowledge to maintain a blog or to start a blog, but trust me it is as easy as ABCD.

Anyone can start a Blog, it does not require any technical knowledge. There are some simple steps which need to be followed.

Before I start telling you the steps, There are 2 things you should understand- A Blog needs a domain name and hosting. A domain name is nothing but the name of your Blog and Hosting means you are taking some space in the server on rent where you are going to set up your Blog.

8 simple Steps to Start your Blog:

First, you have to find the service provider who provides hosting services. For beginners who don’t want to spend much money initially, they must choose GoDaddy.

  • Sign up with GoDaddy.
  • Click on hosting then select WordPress hosting.

  • Select from the various hosting plans, but since you are beginning your blogging journey so select the basic plan, click on configure.

  • You will get many options to buy various other services from GoDaddy but Do not click on any checkbox, just click on continue.

  • If you are opting to host for the first time you will get a free domain name from GoDaddy. So choose a domain name as per your choice and which is available. Then select and continue.

  • In the checkout page, you will see various unwanted services are added to your order. Just keep Basic Managed WordPress Website Package, with 12 months term and your domain name for 1 year term which is free for the first year as you are a first-time customer. Remove all other services by clicking on Remove Button.

  • Then click on Proceed to check out. It will cost you around 1400 INR which is very less as compared to other service providers.

Login to your GoDaddy Account and get started with your new WordPress Blog.

You can start a blog for free also using but free blogs can’t be used for making money online. So it is recommended if you want to make some money then spend at least 1400 INR and start your Blogging journey.

In the next article, I will tell you how to create a Blog or design a Blog with WordPress. Till then get a domain name and get it hosted with GoDaddy.


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