Did you know Digital Marketing started in the year 1978?

Yeah, a lot of you will be shocked, disagree, and may even call me crazy to create a sensational headline with no substance.

I want to address my take on Traditional vs Digital Marketing

When we talk about digital marketing today, the only thing that immediately comes to our mind is Website, SEO, Adwords, Social channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

A lot of us very conveniently forget that email is also a mode of Digital marketing. The way we use email as a tool, the content of message delivery and analysis with personalized reach has made email marketing to be the oldest and still the most undervalued form of digital marketing    Read the Complete Post

We may have a difference in opinion on the effectiveness of email marketing today for B2B or B2C, Especially with the advent of social media and native apps for the B2C audience. I think it is still powerful to cater to both the audiences including personal branding.

A lot of people misunderstand the term ‘Marketing’ with reference only to learn and apply the digital or social media marketing tools.

Social media marketing is the new buzzword. It has a different interpretation in the minds of people who perceive these terms with reference to either B2B or B2C marketing. Nowadays the new trend of personal branding is introduced and the new buzzword which again relies heavily to build your own personal profile on the social media channels.

According to me, the fundamentals of marketing form the core, and the advent of new tools and channels just helps to amplify our message and communicate to our audience in a more personal manner and analyze the campaign and responses in a measured way.

But I observed a lot of people presently are more inclined to learn the new trends of social media marketing tools like Adwords, SEO, FB Advertising, etc. I think you would also agree with me on this point as with my own personal experience we tend to go with the flow on what’s trending.

The hard part is understanding & realizing that the fundamentals of marketing will not change on both the Traditional or Digital Marketing channels as the target audience is still the same people (we humans).

Since people, messages, and communication are important pieces of marketing. We undermine the importance of learning about marketing fundamentals which are human Psychology, Behavior, and about Cultures, which essentially determine the success of connecting with our target audience who form the core of any campaigns you addressed to.

The amount of time people are spending on the internet, mode of communication, and personalized analytics help Digital marketing as a preferred channel for today’s marketers.

Does that mean traditional marketing is dead? Absolutely Not. What I meant by traditional marketing is the medium in which traditionally the marketing used to happen before the internet i.e the Print media, TV, Radio

Again traditional marketing is still the dominant marketing channel for a rich and diverse country like India specially for B2C services. Most of us still love to read newspapers daily especially in our regional languages and regional news. Also, we spend equal attention on the radio as well as TV ads. The advantage of the traditional medium is the reach by sacrificing the personalization and measured approach.

The fact that you still are hooked on such a long content piece asserts the power of right content creation and its value. Although images and other media are also powerful media to hook people on your message, I strongly believe people still love to read the right content in all its simplicity definitely ads value.

Especially with the way we create a visualization in our mind when we are reading is so unique and different for everyone that they can relate to the content in their own personal way as against consuming video content in form of movies etc.

There are a lot of things still running in our minds about the implementation of marketing and leveraging the digital platforms.


The digital marketing trend has picked up lately with lot of tools and educators teaching this subject to the new generation of marketers. The history of digital marketing and traditional marketing will surely is adding new chapters which will rethink the whole marketing channels in near future.  

The rise of AI, data analytics and machine learning has given such a great opportunity for marketers to learn and apply these new techniques, gather data and refine the decision making or campaign effectiveness with whole lot of new capabilities. 

The passion and love for marketing domain as a whole will drive the innovation and surely lead the industry to new heights. Any business big or small which is in early stage, late stage or evolving stage is required to get right the marketing strategies and effective use of marketing channels be it digital or traditional marketing channels are employed by all these organizations to be in the competitive mix. 

The debate over the marketing channels like traditional, digital marketing will go on but the reality is that although the digital marketing channels is the new and having more measured challenges over the traditional marketing but still the traditional marketing medium continues to be the leading platform to promote the B2C consumers.  

The shaping of digital marketing history will surely be a different outcome in the near future with the rise of new tools and data science making harnessing the digital marketing channels in a more productive way. 

The digital marketing channels is currently paid or organic is being dominated by few top companies like google for its google search engine, YouTube for the content creators, Facebook for its targeted ads, twitter and LinkedIn for sponsored content and personal branding. Hopefully we will see more new entrants in this space and the monopoly of these players is decreased in near future to enable a fair competitive playing ground for the marketers. 

Hope you enjoyed this read Stayed tuned to our blog for more such detail articles on the marketing topics. 

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